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Donate to your favorite organization, Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center Child Abuse & Neglect Program, NC Wesleyan University, Men's Christian Fellowship Home or Down East Partnership for Children (Your Choice!) and receive note cards with hand painted prints.


Steve "Pop Pop" Felton

Donating to Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center Child Abuse & Neglect Program will help keep children out of dangerous situations by providing training programs and guidance in child advocacy and protection. If you donate to Nash Community College you help students to achieve their goals and provide financial assistance for those in need and by donating to Men’s Christian Fellowship Home you will be helping provide the basic needs to men who are recovering alcoholics or addicts so they can achieve their goal of being a positive influence to society. A donation to Down East Partnership for Children will launching a child to a healthy and lifelong learner.

Please read: Duke Children's Stories - Spring 2022

Hello, I am Steve Felton. I work, live and enjoy life in the Rocky Mount, North Carolina area. I paint on canvas as a hobby and for relaxation.

Steve's Special Project - Hand Painted 3D Christmas cards - No DuplicatesSee more...

"Steve, this picture is so beautiful and you have excelled in your art and paint work. It overwhelms me with excitement to be able to share this with friends for Christmas. I will probably want at least 100-150 cards. Thank you so much."
-S.W.D., Nash County, NC

When you go to the mailbox and you see all the bills or junk mail and there appears a hand addressed envelope, what is the first thing you open? You open the hand address envelope.

"The use of hand written letters and notes is a lost art. We all love to receive a personal note. The beautiful and varied note cards (all original designs) made by Steve Felton Designs energized me to write more notes to friends and family. Ordering the cards through the website was a breeze and knowing that all funds go to charity makes for a win-win situation."
-D.D., Nash County, NC

You pull the card out of the envelope and as you open it, there is a handwritten note. Once you have read the note, you close the card look at the image on the front and you reopen the card and reread the note.

I cannot count the numerous people who have thanked me for brightening their day with a handwritten note.

"The hand painted card you sent me for my birthday is the most special card I have ever gotten."

I began painting in 2004 when my brother-in-law, Lee Beavers, who has since passed from cancer, encouraged me to pursue my painting.

Many people have enjoyed my paintings over the years. So, I thought I would put this gift to good use. I create a painting then put it on note cards and calendars. In these days of email and instant messaging, I still believe people enjoy getting a hand written note in the mail or enjoy a calendar with beautiful hand painted prints. I have kept the tradition of sending a hand written note of love, to thank, or a moment of encouragement to the recipient.

I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. I hope you enjoy using my note cards and other art, knowing that your purchase donates net proceeds to Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center Child Abuse & Neglect Program, Nash Community College and Down East Partnership for Children or Men's Christian Fellowship Home, your choice. This gives me great pleasure, as well as allowing me to strengthen old friendships and establish new relationships. What can you do to brighten someone’s day? It may be as simple as a handwritten note.

Take a walk through my life of paintings and if you like what you see, know that your donation will go to helping others in need.

In 2015, I was honored with a commission in the Kentucky Colonels by the Governor of Kentucky Steven Beshear. See more...

"I have kept every card you have painted and sent to me."

"When my Mom died as I was cleaning out her drawer every card you ever sent her was rubber banded together. She kept every card you sent her. I can’t bear to throw them away, so I am keeping them.

It is always a pleasure to receive a hand written card from Steve and I have saved every one of them. Getting hand written cards in the mail means they really care. Thank you for introducing to me this long forgotten way of communicating to my friends and family.